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PXD SOTW # 136 - Black and White
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SOTW # : 136
Theme : Black and White
5000 PX Credits (Set by system)

- 400x300px (ONLY!)
- No Animations
- No pre-made
- Don't submit tags you didn't make yourself (no ripping)
- 1 Entry per person
- Enjoy and be AWESOME!


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Votes : 5 (83.33%)

Originally Posted by Warren?
kasi ang weird nung entry ng kalaban mo koya. HAHHAHAHA

Judging Factors: Text
Originally Posted by TK.Jigz
Ito ang black and white yung isa kay naging color splash

Judging Factors: Blending, Composition, Theme Relevance
Originally Posted by doltish
flawless ang dating!

Judging Factors: Blending, Composition
Originally Posted by kerberos
better than the other one para sa akin..

Judging Factors: Depth, Blending, Composition, Theme Relevance
Originally Posted by GINJI
medyo naging LQ nasobrahan sa light effects.. mas ok itong entry na ito kasi THEME RELEVANCE

Judging Factors: Depth, Theme Relevance

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Originally Posted by rK.Edu777
i like the color

Judging Factors: Composition


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